Terms & conditions


We have prepared our terms & conditions in the way, we believe, will help you use our site as safely and smoothly as possible . Should you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our site and / or our customer service, please get in touch with us.

Please, note that the following terms & conditions apply to everyone who uses our web site and online shop, whether or not any items have been purchased . By using the site you agree to all the terms as outlined in this outlined below. Please, also note, that we can change any component of our terms & conditions at any time. However, we will endevour to inform you about any changes, but you may want to visit this page on a regular basis to ensure that you are familiar with the latest revision of our terms and conditions.

Please, be aware of that we are based in Poland, therefore we must comply with polish law and regulations – these may differ from regulations in the UK . We will endeavour ensure these variations in law have no impact on the customer experience. If our terms & conditions contains any statement that is breach of UK Law or Polish law the latter takes precedence.

Part 1: General rules

  1. "Green Corner" (later named "Shop") is an online shop lead by Ewa Owłasiuk-Kwiecień, located in Poland, 42-625 Ożarowice, Tarnogórska 61G.
  2. "Green Corner" is used to present and retail handmade, unique jewellery items and are only available through this site.
  3. Any visitor to the site may browse our catalogue of products but only registered users will be able to add items to cart and place orders.
  4. Registering an account in "Green Corner" online shop is free of charge and registration does not oblige the user to purchase any orders.
  5. "Green Corner" is available also in Polish, but, as long you do not reside in Poland, you are obliged to use the English version by www.green-corner.co.uk.

Part 2: Forbidden usage

    You are forbidden to:
  1. use, copy, publish or reproduce "Green Corner" shop (including any of its parts such as images or software code) without prior approval being granted by the Shop owner.
  2. use "Green Corner" in any way that may harm any individual both physically or mentally.
  3. attempt any transactions that may disturb operations of the Shop, in particular by attempting to by passs security solutions; specifically you are not permitted to gain any access to locked areas or Shop database or use found exploits to reduce values of purchased products or placed orders; in such cases where any attempt is made to gain access legal action may be taken a place such will occur, proper service will be informed

Part 3: Offered products

  1. "Green Corner" offers hand crafted jewellery products for sale.
  2. All products are unique that have been designed and hand crafted by the Shop owner.
  3. All products available for purchase are presented in "Jewellery" section of "Green Corner".
  4. Because of their unique characteristics of each product, purchased products are not removed from "Jewellery" section even when there is no stock available.
  5. All products have a price provided on their specific details page. All prices are in Great Britain Pounds Sterling (GBP) and are inclusive of tax. Prices are not subject to any negotiation.
  6. For your convenience products are divided into categories and has some features assigned; you may use links provided in "Jewellery" section to filter presented items.
  7. All photos of products displays the actual product and have been taken immediately after production.

Part 4: User accounts

  1. If you want to add any item to a cart and place an order, you must register your own user account in "Green Corner", which, as stated above, registration is free of charge.
  2. To register an account, navigate yourself to "Sign In" (or "Account") page and locate "Register an account" form, which you need to complete and submit.
  3. Registering an account requires you to share with us some personal data. Providing this data is voluntary, but without this information we cannot register your account as and process your order.
  4. All personal data connected to your account will be stored in a secure database, and your authentication data (email / password) will be encrypted.
  5. You should never share your authentication data to any third party, and you should use strong password. We do not take responsibility for any actions made under your account.

Part 5: Filling cart

  1. You can add as much items into your cart as you want.
  2. To add item to your cart simply open item's details page and click on the button "Add to cart".
  3. You can always check content of your cart by clicking on "Cart" box at the top of the page.
  4. Adding an item to cart doesn't mean it is reserved for you. Other users may add same item to their cart when given item is already in your cart.

Part 6: Product reservation

  1. Any registered user may reserve up to three items for maximum of 30 days.
  2. If you want to reserve item just navigates to item's details page and click on "Reserve Item" button.
  3. Users can not add to their cart any items that are currently reserved by other user.
  4. You can check your reservations in "Cart" section.
  5. You can add your reserved items to your cart at any time.
  6. In extraordinary situations we may need to cancel your reservation. In such circumstances , we will contact you.

Part 7: Placing an order

  1. To place an order, navigate to "Cart" section and submit "Place and order" form.
  2. Before submitting the form ensure that you have:
    • read & understood terms of conditions
    • reviewed all your data in the form, filled any gaps and corrected any mistakes
    • chosen the preferred delivery method
    • chosen the preferred payment method
    • checked total value of your order (which includes any shipping charges)
  3. By submitting "Place an order" form you agree to purchase and pay for all of the items in your order.
  4. While saving your products we will automatically check availability of each product and inform you about any changes in this matter.
  5. Immediately after your order is saved you will receive an e-mail confirmation to confirm that we have received your order and it will be processed.
  6. You may check your order status & history in "Your account" section.

Part 8: Payments

  1. There are several payment methods available in "Green Corner" and you can choose any of it during placing an order.
  2. You must select one of available payment methods. We might change available payment methods at any time.
  3. If payment method that you choose does not include paying on items pick up or delivery, we will wait up to 7 days for your payment to arrive. After this time your order will be cancelled. You can place your order again in such situation, but we do not guarantee that all items will still be available.
  4. Please, remember that our bank account is served by bank located in Poland. It means that transfer of your payment may take several days. We do recommend you use online payment gateway - this should be processed within several minutes.
  5. We will send you short e-mail notification when your payment will be booked on our account.

Part 9: Delivery

  1. Items you order will be delivered to you with using a delivery method that you pick during placing an order.
  2. If you choose to pay on items pick up or delivery, we will pack & ship your product immediately on receipt of your order. In other case your products will be packed & shipped just as soon as we receive your payment.
  3. Your items will be packed in securely using jiffy bugs or carboards for larger items.
  4. In general, your order will be shipped within one working day on receipt of payment.
  5. Delivery times are beyond our control. However, we will send you the tracking number if available.
  6. We will send you short e-mail notifications when your products will be packed & shipped.

Part 10: Returns

  1. You can return any part of your order without providing a reason within 14 days from receiving a package.
  2. You can return only unused, clean items that are in their original shape & condition.
  3. To process return smoothly, please contact us and inform which products you wish to return.
  4. You must return those products and cover any shipping fees. You shall ship the products in secured package.
  5. On receipt of the products and on verification of the condition, we will reimburse the value of all returned products into bank account. Remember to include your bank account number when you e-mail to us.
  6. We will not refund any original shipping fees for the original order.

Part 11: Cookies policy

  1. Cookies are small pieces of data, saved on your computer by webpages, that allows those webpages to work correctly and provide you different tools, functions, and services.
  2. Almost every webpage uses cookies and "Green Corner" is not different in this matter.
  3. We do store the minimal number of cookies on your computer and only those that are absolutely required to ensure "Green Corner" functions properly.
  4. You agree to the Cooky Policy should you wish to use "Green Corner" site, log in into the Shop and place orders.

Part 12: Privacy policy

  1. When registering an account at "Green Corner" you will be asked to provide personal data.
  2. We will store this data in the database that is password protected and with a limited and secured access.
  3. Any personal data collected for the purpose of processing orders made on this site only
  4. Your personal data is available to you in "Your account" section. You can check & edit your personal data at any time.
  5. You have the rights to request that your personal data held is removed This will mean that your account will be completely deleted. If you want this to happen, just write us an e-mail from address that you use to log in to our shop.
  6. We are not allowed and we will never share any of your data to anyone or any institution. Your data will not be sent, streamed, submitted, or published in any way.
  7. On exception of the above is shipping service - we need to share your data with shipping company to deliver items you purchase.

Part 13: Final statements

  1. In any correspondence with us please use English language.
  2. In any case that are not covered by this terms & conditions local law regulations apply.